My Screen Size is a free online tool designed to show some of your device specs, whether desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

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Your device display resolution is
The screen resolution of a digital device (computer monitor, laptop, mobile phone or tablet display) is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. It is usually quoted as width × height, with the units in pixels.

Despite the website name, we don't only show your screen size in pixels, but also browser viewport size, name, operating system and public IP address. We are also testing a geolocation tool to let yourself know the location you're in.

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Viewport area is the useful part of a web browser, where the web pages are being displayed. This value changes when you zoom in/out or resize your browser window.

*For more information read the F.A.Q.
Your IP address is
The map below is using geolocation. In order to make it work, the browser will pop-up a dialog box where you will be asked for your permission to share your location. You can accept it only one time, so that other websites won't be able to geolocate you. For your peace of mind, we do not keep track of your location or browsing habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the screen resolution being reported lower than specified by manufacturer?

A: This issue comes up with almost all latest smartphones and tablets. Our free tool reports what your Internet browser reports. We are not allowed to read your system hardware. However, we are working to build a database with all major mobile devices and their supported display resolutions.

Q: Why is my device reported as Desktop computer when, in fact, I'm using a laptop?

A: We are using information provided by your web browser, not by your operating system. Internet browsers don't make difference between a desktop computer and a notebook / laptop. They both use the same desktop version of a browser.